Primavera P6 Professional – Introduction – 1 day

This 1 day course is designed as an introduction to P6 professional, for users who have either never used Primavera before or for users who would like a refresher course in the software.

You will get course material, access to a Primavera P6 professional environment for the duration of the course, and for longer by arrangement.

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Course Design …

This course is designed as an introduction to P6, for users who have either never used Primavera P6 before or for users who would like a refresher course in the software.

  • Basic Administration
  • Project Navigation
  • Creating a Project
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Adding Activities and Creating Relationships
  • Scheduling your project

This course will help you

  • understand a little of what Primavera Professional can do
  • get a basic understanding of Primavera P6
  • refresh your knowledge if you where a previous Primavera user
Project Management Software Changes…

Primavera P6 Professional is continuously developed by Oracle and so as new versions are released the product changes.

This course will inform you of these changes and how they affect the job of the planner, scheduler, resource manager and project manager.

  • Planners, Schedulers who need a refresher in Primavera Professional
  • Project Managers whose project use P6 Professional
  • Professionals interested to find out what P6 Project Management software is all about and how it works

Enrolling in this Primavera P6 course will help you either

  • refresh your knowledge in P6
  • provide an insight into the power of Primavera
Explore Project Management Fundamentals…

This course stresses the one of three basic elements of project management – scheduling, and everything leading up to that point.  At the end of each day is a fun, interactive with a revision quiz.

Basic Administration

Setting up an EPS, Calendars, Coding, User-Preference Settings, Setting Project Defaults. Changing drop-down menus, Split screen sharing.

Project Navigation

Opening/closing projects, adding columns, adjusting the Gantt chart, changing the Timescale, adding text to the Gantt chart, Displaying Ordinal Dates,  Displaying the Activity Details form.

Creating New Projects

The New Project Wizard, Importing a Project, Copy/Paste.

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) from scratch and creating a WBS using an existing template

Adding, Changing Activities

Adding Activities, Activity Types, Activity Codes, Activity Steps, Changing Calendars.

Creating Relationships

Creating Relationships (3 different methods), using Lags, using lag alternatives.


Scheduling the Project, the Schedule Log Record, Warnings, Open-ends, Loops, Potential problematic areas and exceptions to the rules.

End of Course Summary Exercise

Unlike some other training companies, we provide this exercise and it has been quoted as “The best, and most important part of the course” by delegates.

Suggested Prerequisites…
  • No former knowledge required
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