Primavera Unifier Design & Configuration

This Primavera Unifier Design & Configuration training course enables you to design business processes and workflows, create and develop forms, build and assign form attributes and shells. This Primavera Unifier Design & Configuration training course is run over 4 days in London, Manchester, Warwick, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh or another location of your choice.

Expert HPS instructors will help you develop and understand the design options to make effective design decisions that will enable you to build a working Unifier solution. Our instructors actually build and configure Unifier when they are not training, so we know how to do this stuff.

This Primavera Unifier Design & Configuration training course costs as little as £1545 for the four days including all course material and upon successful completion a Hyde Park Solutions Training Academy Certificate.

Day 1: Unifier Navigation the Basics

The course begins with an overview of navigation and introduces design and development concepts. You will gain hands-on experience creating data structures and record statuses, and designing a shell and a user attributes form.

Day 2: Business Processes Design in Unifier

You will design and build commonly used examples of simple and line item business process types. You will also learn how to build and modify existing forms to speed solution deployment.

Day 3: Workflows in Unifier

You will learn about workflow functionality, conditional routing, including formula building, validation, auto-publishing to Document Manager. You will also be shown how to enable workflow actions via email, auto-sequencing, auto-population, and line item consolidation.

Day 4: Unifier Integration

You will learn about integration, advanced log design, and uDesigner versioning. Finally, you will learn how to deploy completed functionality and designs, import, create, and export design bundles. You will be shown how to align Dev, Test and Prod environments.

In this course we will show you and explain how to

  • Design solutions following best design practices
  • Use and distinguish between various process types
  • Create data structures, shells, business processes and attribute shells
  • Add functionality to forms, such as consolidation of line items, validation, auto-population, and linked elements
  • Import and export designs for testing and use from other Unifier environments

This course is specifically provided for those of your team that are going to build, update and manage the configuration within Unifier. These roles will typically include:

  • Aspiring Unifier configuration personal
  • Application Administrators
  • Technical System Administrator

We will teach you and when you have completed the course you will have a good idea on the following subject areas:

Unifier Objects
  • Creating Objects
  • Creating Data Structures
  • Defining Data
Workflow Functionality
  • Conditional Routing
  • Sub-Workflows
Form Functionality
  • Formulas, Validation, Consolidation & Reset
Business Process
  • Business Process Creation
  • Re-using Forms
  • Upper Form Templates
  • Simple-Type Business Process
  • Line Item Non-Workflow Business Process
  • Text Type Business Process
  • Document Type Business Process
  • Reporting Performance
Configuration Experts Tip and Techniques 
  • Our approach Agile or Waterfall
  • Why 90 day Sprints don’t work for Unifier
  • Building better business processes
  • Understanding the impact on Design from a BI Publisher reporting requirements perspective
  • uDesigner an Introduction
  • Best practice design
  • Understanding business process types
  • Creating data structures
  • Creating and managing Shells
  • Create business processes
  • Understanding Forms and Cost Sheets

In light of COVID-19 Pandamic we have suspended our class room training courses. Please click on link for our online courses offerings

Start Date Location Price Format
To be announce soon Warwick £1545 Classroom Training Register Here
To be announce soon Manchester £1545 Classroom Training Register Here
To be announce soon London £1545 Classroom Training Register Here
To be announce soon Edinburgh £1545 Classroom Training Register Here
To be announce soon Bristol £1545 Classroom Training Register Here

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