Primavera Unifier Administration Training

The Primavera Unifier Administration training teaches you how to manage a Unifier solution within an organisation and manage users and user groups as they access company and project workspaces. It focuses on managing and running a Unifier environment, so users are able to work. It is not a configuration course, although some aspects of configuration are covered as they relate to providing users with an application service.

When you walk away from this course, you will be in a better position to support and manage a Primavera Unifier solution within your business. Get hands-on training from certified, specialised consultants that support Unifier customers day to day, when they are not training.

This Primavera Unifier Administration  training course covers EPPM and is run over half day in London, Manchester, Warwick, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh or another location of your choice.

This Primavera Unifier Administration training course costs as little as £395 for the whole day including all course material and upon successful completion a Hyde Park Solutions Training Academy Certificate.

This course is appropriate for On-Premise and Oracle Cloud deployments.

In this course we will show you and explain how to:

  • Design solutions following best design practices
  • Use and distinguish between various process types
  • Create data structures, shells, business processes and attribute shells
  • Add functionality to forms, such as consolidation of line items, validation, auto-population, and linked elements
  • Import and export designs for testing and use from other Unifier environments

This course is specifically provided for those who will support your Unifier solution. Typically students include:

  • IT and Business Systems Administrators
  • Super Users – Business Unit or IT
  • Outsourced suppliers Help Desk staff
  • Troubleshoot business process errors
  • Manage Shells and workspaces
  • Assign and manage users and user permissions
  • Manage and troubleshoot workflow issues
  • Troubleshoot data entry, load and integration issues
  • Maintain Unifier solution health
  • Support maintenance and version updates and upgrades

This section talks in general terms about administering, troubleshooting and user support for Unifier the specifics of which will vary depending on your own implementation.

  • Troubleshoot for user with navigation issues
  • Describing Modes
Company Relationship Management
  • Troubleshooting in and around company structures and relationships
  • Troubleshooting in and around partner companies
User Administration
  • Error tracking and management of users, user groups
  • Error tracking within company, shells and workspaces
  • Creating/maintaining groups
  • Assigning users to groups
  • Assigning group permissions
Business Process Configuration
  • Checking BP configuration across Unifier objects
  • Checking reading and updating the configuration of logs
Shell Administration
  • Troubleshooting including the creating, editing and removing shell instances
  • Troubleshooting the creation, maintenance and removal of multiple shell instances

There are no prerequisites.

Further Learning:

To be effective in supporting your users we recommend both the following courses. Contact HPS today and we will work with you to create a course that meets your specific needs.

Unifier – Design & Configuration (4 Day Duration)

Unifier Reporting and Dashboard (2 Day Duration)

In light of COVID-19 Pandamic we have suspended our class room training courses. Please click on link for our online courses offerings

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