Advanced Procurement for PPM

Procurement is an important element in the success of most Portfolio Project Management situations. And Oracle Advanced Procurement is the integrated suite of applications that dramatically cut all supply management costs. Oracle Advanced Procurement reduces spending on goods and services, streamlines procure-to-pay processes, and drives policy compliance.

HPS know that unlike some of the competitors to Oracle that force customers to choose between the benefits of on-demand products and on-premises deployments, only Oracle gives customers the flexibility to choose. Oracle also lets buying experts automatically create sourcing events from requisitions or expiring agreements.  Only Oracle provides true Centre-Led Procurement by decoupling the physical and logical location of key procurement activities

Oracle Procurement Command Centre Plus (PCC) enables procurement departments to optimise procurement performance. PCC Business Suite Information Discovery in-memory technology has advanced capabilities to rapidly accelerate purchasing responsiveness and strategic actions. It’s targeted 360° view into the Source-to-Pay process and drive action, means advanced procurement teams can align procurement operations. Once they can do this, in addition, they can fine-tune the aligning of supplier capabilities to business needs. This, in turn, improves category management and identifies cost-saving and cost avoidance opportunities.

The application of PCC elevates the procurement’s role within your company and within the PPM team. It becomes easier and easier to manage supplier capabilities to offer differentiated solutions to suit your customers.

Traditionally, procurement teams have been considered a bit more of a support role. This has led to the perception that procurement teams can be disconnected from the business, and cannot keep pace with the rapidly changing business needs.  Procurement alignment with PCC to other business functions can be a key enabler for business success by leveraging supplier expertise and partnerships

Oracle Procurement Command Centre Plus equips your business with tools to support this transformation by allowing you to become masters of purchasing information. Hyde Park Solutions work with Oracle to enable you to implement strategies that ensure performance across your Portfolio project management is optimised.

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