In a regulated business, where regulators are looking to increase competition to provide better value for money, utilities need to continue to deliver year on year benefit to end consumers and regulators alike.

An investment program that balances organisational returns with those of the regulator, consumer and government will most likely remain less hindered by regulation. Being able to prove that you are managing and optimising your portfolio using portfolio management practices will also help.

Regulators are looking for organisations that can provide evidence that they are:

  • managing the collection, evaluation of investment alternatives to maintain and develop infrastructure assets
  • able to prioritise and select from the range of alternatives a solid investment for execution
  • able to execute the selected investment projects in an efficient and professional manner in line with good project management principles and best practice
  • collect, manage and use the raft of documentation and other information in the maintenance of the assets moving forward.

OPPM helps utility manage regulatory challenge

This utility was unable to upgrade its core Asset Management solution because it had been significantly customised to perform portfolio management activities. It was also being challenged by regulators to provide evidence of changes to the portfolio which it struggled with.

reduce capital investment waste and increase RONA with portfolio management OPPM

As part of an OPPM implementation for this power company we were faced with the challenge of implementing a new process and system for investment management.

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