DevOps ecosystem – the role of new technologies

Padmini Murthy recently wrote about the DevOps ecosystem partly based on a recent survey. It’s all about the role new technologies play in supporting DevOps, like automation and machine learning. New technologies are rapidly shaping the way companies address Security and Application Performance Monitoring and they need to be used effectively.

The survey also found that 57% of companies have already adopted, and another 36% are planning to adopt modern monitoring in the next 12 months. There are real commonalities between security and performance monitoring.  Both are using real-time monitoring of transactions.  Both use machine learning to translate massive amounts of data into IT and security insights.  Both are correlating data across an entire transaction in real time to quickly find performance or security issues.  Both are summarising normal and abnormal behaviour automatically.

This commonality is what’s behind the design for Oracle Management Cloud.  It unifies all the metadata and logs files in the cloud.  It normalises the information on a big data analytics platform and applies machine learning algorithms to deliver IT Ops and Security dashboards pre-built specifically for security and performance teams with insights in real time, and automatically.

So it’s time to stop denying there is a problem. Ops teams are constantly bombarded by “false Signal” alerts.  They need to eliminate operational information silos and put all operational data (security, performance, configuration, etc.) in one place, and let today’s machine-learning-powered tools do the heavy lifting. It’s important to monitor what really matters, the end-users. Over 70% of IT issues are end-user complaints. And use your logs, logs are everywhere, but most organisations don’t use them, overwhelmed with the amount of data involved. Next-generation management clouds are designed to ingest big data at enterprise-scale to cope with today’s log data volume and velocity.

HPS can help you get your systems in place. Once you have your data in line planning becomes an everyday activity.  With Oracle Management Cloud you will have all the data you need already available it’s just time to use it.

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