EasyJet moving forward

In the wake of post Brexit uncertainty EasyJet has recently announced they are moving their main business to Vienna. Britain’s biggest budget airline has always been based in the UK based, but it has a vast network of international and domestic flights across mainland Europe.

With the shape of a future UK-EU aviation agreement uncertain, the airline has decided to set up a separate company, EasyJet Europe, in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Around 100 planes will be assigned to the subsidiary, which will allow the airline to continue to fly as it does at present. The new subsidiary will be owned by EasyJet plc, which already owns the UK-based airline and the Swiss operation, EasyJet Switzerland. The majority of their aircraft will remain as part of the UK operation.

While around 100 new jobs will be created in Austria, they are confident no posts will be lost in the UK and from a passenger’s perspective; there should be no real difference in booking flights or the travelling after the move. While EasyJet’s new subsidiary could have been located in any European country, the aviation safety regime in Austria is regarded as a good match for UK regulation.

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