Ready, Set, Go! Is Africa Ready For Action? Part 4 – Why use an Abacus when you have a financial calculator?

  • October 3, 2019
  • 9:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Online
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Thank You to all that attended the final Part of our web conferences.

Hyde Park Solutions are happy to share some of our content from the event with you in case you missed the event.

AfricaReadyForAction – Click Here to Read the presentation

Ready, Set, Go! Is Africa Ready for Action?

Hyde Park Solutions are extending their “Simplifying Complexity” series with 4 1-hour Web Conferences to explore the challenges and opportunities facing public and private sector organisations in Africa as they seek to exploit global best practice for local benefit.

Part 4 – Why use an Abacus when you have a financial calculator?

Having understood why projects fail, what P3M3 has to offer and a checklist of what to do next, let’s look at what tools could help? Hear HPS as we explore the options to IT enable your P3M3 initiative. First, you could use Excel, Word, PowerPoint and SharePoint but you will need to reinvent the P3M3 wheel. Oracle invests millions each year to maintain and develop its leading set of tools so why not use these? We discuss how using these best practice tools can quickly start you on your journey to developing simpler more robust projects and portfolio management processes.

31st July 2019 13:30 GMT+1 Why projects fail?  Understanding failure enables success!   
14th August 2019 13:30 GMT+1 Project Success – What does Good look like?     
4thSeptember 2019 13:30 GMT+1 How does my organisation benefit – What do we need to do next?
3rd October 2019 09:30 GMT+1 Why use an Abacus when you have a financial calculator?

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