Fancy a Project Manager’s Role?

HPS’s experienced team know the role of the project manager is one of great responsibility so you need to be up to the job if you fancy yourself as a Project Manager. The job is to direct, supervise and control the project from beginning to end. The PM‘s job is to manage the project not to do any of the individual activities involved in the project.

Some of the activities a project manager undertakes include; defining the project and reducing it to a set of manageable tasks. Once they are clear the PM then needs to obtain appropriate resources and build a team who are able to do the work and deliver the project.  It is the PM’s job to set the final goals and motivate the project team to complete the project on time and on budget. Alongside this the project manager must inform all stakeholders of progress on a regular basis and monitor any risks to the project and mitigate them.

A project manager must have a strong skill set that includes: great leadership and people management, effective verbal and written communication with the ability to influence, negotiate and manage conflict as well as planning and contract management. Good estimating, problem solving, time management and creative thinking are vital.

Psychologically, Project Managers must be results-oriented self-starters with a high tolerance for ambiguity in the ever changing tumultuous business environment.  Project managers bear ultimate responsibility for making things happen and more and more they need the necessary administrative and technical competencies to do the job too.

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