Is Project Management a career option?

HPS has been part of the steadily increasing recognition of project management as a professional role across a wide range of industries and sectors. Many people will have had the chance to play the role of project manager as part of their existing jobs. Some may have just been temporary Project Managers looking to transition to permanent employment as full-time project managers.

If you are considering the benefits of embarking on a career as a professional project manager one well know APM speaker Paul Naybour has some thoughts to share with you. He is Business Development Director for Parallel Project Training and a Project Management Training and Consultant. He also runs the PM news site Project Accelerator.

The chief benefits as he sees them are that if you are someone who likes to be challenged and you don’t want to be in a repetitive job, project management is a good choice. You are likely to be doing something different every day, and there will be new challenges and new concepts to tackle. During a career as a project manager you will work on different projects, maybe in different industries, and face unique challenges and demands. If you thrive on the pressure you will excel in such a demanding environment.

You will meet and interact with new people so if you are a people person, this is definitely a career path to consider.  Projects often involve significant change, so being able to communicate and influence key people is critical. He says.

One of the great things about project management is that all the Project Management Skills you acquire are also useful in making a transition from a specialist role to a general management role. Just as many people transition into project management it is also possible to transition onwards into other roles. As a project manager, you will essentially have learnt the skills of a leader; you will master the art of communication, and time, people and resource management all vital skills for success.

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