Making the most of the AI Supply Chain?

Companies invest a lot to continually optimise and improve their supply chains. They are hugely important in the world of physical goods. Mountains of information must be continually gathered, processed, refined, and reassembled to produce the desired intelligence and decision-making. But if AI could save 5% on all transportation costs that would be a big deal for project management.

But what about the Artificial Intelligence supply chains? They too are here to stay requiring mind-boggling quantities of data. If we accept that the march toward an AI-enabled world, business leaders will have important decisions to make. Should they construct their own digital supply chains, or be the consumer of someone else’s supply chain?

Software that manages the processes of accounting, procurement, project management, and manufacturing is the backbone of most businesses. Built-in AI functionality is poised to make a huge impact on many core business processes. Fortunately, there is a great deal in common in many given industries, often with a set of modern best practices. People don’t usually go about creating unique, creative solutions for, say, order-to-cash.

Cloud software vendors can exploit these similarities by offering easy-to-consume, AI-infused ERP applications, combining modest amounts of internal data with powerful models pre-trained on vast amounts of external data. So using AI-enabled core business processes is probably a no-brainer.

But can AI might make your organisation unique in the eyes of your customers with smarter, personalised services? Chuck Hollis senior vice president for converged infrastructure at Oracle says there is a lot to learn from mobile applications. “In the first wave of such apps, they were nothing more than pretty skins over existing applications. We quickly learned that we had to re-engineer the entire user experience to be successful.”

Technology is rapidly transforming the world. “I expect that just five years from now, many of us will care more about the digital supply chains that feed our AI than the physical ones that feed our warehouses.” He added. HPS can help you look to the future of AI in your business’s supply chain.

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