Portfolio project management with Unifier

For any portfolio project management what you need is one unified solution and Oracles’ Primavera unifier offers just that. It has rapid project execution and is currently considered to be best-in-class in project lifecycle management. It offers solutions for capital planning, project delivery, cost control, and facilities and real estate management.

Primavera Unifier also provides governance across all project phases, from planning and building to operations and maintenance. It offers the best cost control, project delivery, and management capabilities.  It has real-time visibility across projects to make fast, accurate decisions accompanied by easy monitoring, visualisation, and adjustment of plans based on financial forecasts. It handles multi-level hierarchies to model programs, portfolios, facilities, and assets with easy and can be completely integrated with load of user friendly collaboration features making it simple to use.

One recent success story from Oracles Primavera tool comes from John Wayne Airport which came in millions under budget on a half a billion dollar airport improvement programme.  “Oracle’s Primavera tool enables us to tightly control public-works project budgets, as well as to provide seamless access to related information, resulting in important savings. Said Larry Serafini, Deputy Airport Director, Facilities, John Wayne Airport.

The kind of challenges faced by John Wayne Airport included the need to; standardise and automate processes and closely track and deliver a seven-year multi-million airport improvement program, on-time and on-budget. They created a single, secure system for project information to create transparency, improve financial control, and streamline auditing and due diligence, to demonstrate the optimisation of public funds.

With careful planning, management, and controls supported by Oracle’s Primavera enterprise project-management solutions they created a single system that enabled project transparency, and provided concrete, timely, and accurate data for robust budget management and control of capital projects. They use Oracle’s Primavera solutions, including Primavera Unifier Project Controls and Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, as the project management platform of choice.

The recent collapse of Carillion is a classic example of what can happen if public financed projects are not properly regulated via the use of sophisticated Project Management systems such as Oracle’s Primavera Unifier.

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