PPM Private Cloud grows and grows

Does a “public cloud” support the degree of customisation typically demanded by most PPM enterprises? This is a common refrain from HPS clients. Indeed there are a huge number of cloud choices available for clients seeking a solution tuned to their business. Private clouds offer solutions that deliver the combined advantages of the public cloud and an on-premise deployment.

More and more private clouds are a popular option for enterprise clients. The thing about a private cloud is that it can be implemented in various ways, including a hybrid cloud solution. Hybrid solutions offer  IT/business decision-makers to define the level of internal IT resources and support needed.

So why are clouds advantageous?

All clouds have advantages and the growth and popularity of cloud-based enterprise applications have only been growing. If you are not using the cloud in your business very soon many say you will be left behind. Getting to grips with cloud technology as a small, medium or large enterprise is vital.

The key attributes and benefits of clouds are that they can be implemented very quickly – initial set-up/configuration and ongoing provisioning for new users can be done in much less time, with much less effort. Clouds also enable scarce IT resources to be deployed “where needed most” meaning that internal IT resources can be dramatically minimised and allocated to internal projects that directly drive revenue and income.

Clouds are also more and more reliable and scalable unlike old-fashioned on-premise deployments, many clouds are hosted in Tier-1 data centres. This means that they are constructed to be massively scalable and offer world-class availability, security, and disaster recovery as well as business continuity services.

For any kind of portfolio project management, clouds are without a doubt the most cost-effective tool available. Clouds offer flexible licensing plans, require no long-term contract lock-ins, provide a scalable what-you-need, when-you-need-it approach, and require virtually no internal IT staff allocations for support or ongoing maintenance.


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