PPM tools hard wire best practice into the business

Do PPM tools like Oracle Primavera Cloud help with deploying Best Practice Processes

Software companies like Oracle and Microsoft provide a range of software to manage our Portfolios, Programmes and Project. Their tools focus on helping us:

  • develop better plans and schedules,
  • better define the resources required to deliver our plans,
  • better manage the cost, change and contract data
  • share documents amongst owner, contractor and sub.

Our question is… Does their use, actually help?

The HPS view is that no tool unless it is configured correctly will help at all. If the processes that are being systemised are not appropriate to your organisation then these tools will be of little help.

But the crucial point is to have good processes, “industry best practice” processes would be even better. Add to this one of the industry leading tools for your organisations sector or business activity you expect to start accruing tangible benefits.

Implementing, supporting and training uses on one of Oracle Primavera’s tools in the following sectors

  • Construction and Engineering,
  • Oil and Gas,
  • Defence
  • Transport

is what we at Hyde Park Solutions do on a daily basis.

So, we know what best practice (processes & tool configurations) look like for your sector and understand that delivering consistently across your portfolio is key to your success.

We will help you hard wire those industry best practices into your business. Tools implemented well, will enable processes to be consistently repeated, in an effective and efficient manner to benefit both your clients and your own organisation.

Let Hyde Park Solutions help you hard wire best practice into your organisation using the Oracle Primavera tools

  • Project and Resource Management using P6
  • Project Change, Contract and Controls using Unifier
  • End to End PPM using Primavera Cloud (formerly Prime)
  • Risk Management using Risk Analysis or Primavera Cloud Risk
  • Portfolio Management using Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM)
  • Reporting requirements using Primavera Analytics and BI Publisher
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