Preparing for a stress free Christmas

Sometimes years just fly by and once again the Christmas period is upon us.  With Christmas decorations hanging from our desks the promise of the office party and a good old Secret Santa adding stress to the overload of mince pies being shared around can sometimes dampen the Christmas spirit.

Depending on your business Christmas can be a very busy or very quiet time of the year but it is unlikely to be completely quiet especially as we all operate in a more global world. On top of that there are seasonal illnesses and absences that heap demands for both employers and employees.

Both personally and professionally many find it difficult to juggle all their commitments. But it’s important to try to stay ahead and to not let your project suffer over this period.  It makes sense to try and get ahead and track your workload. It is important to try and stay one step ahead and plan adequately in advance.

It can also make sense to minimise any back-office work in what you are trying to achieve as everyone is busy at this time of year, although this is where technology at our fingertips can really come into its own, easing the burden of so many tasks from accounting, collecting customer data, to  automating business transactions.

If you prepare in advance and manage your own and your teams workload efficiently in the run-up to the Christmas break, then you’ll hopefully will have less to contend with when you get back. Organisation, proper tracking and planned strategies are key to enjoying your leave, so you can hit the ground running at the start of 2018.

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