Primavera P6 Professional – Constraints, Filters, Resources & Costs, Fixing Issues – 1 day

This 1 day P6 Professional course is designed for users who are familiar with setting up Projects and scheduling in P6, but would like further instruction relating to taking the Project further along the Project Life Cycle.

For just £250 for the day, you will receive a Hyde Park Solution Training Academy certificate for completing this P6 course, along with an optional hard copy manual from Paul Eastwood Harris.

Learn To…
  • Add Constraints
  • Project related documents
  • Group of Activities
  • Filtering
  • Roles & Resources
  • Baseline the Plan

This P6 one day course will help you use Primavera to the next level along the project lifecycle.

  • Project Managers
  • Planners/schedulers

Enrolling in this Oracle Primavera P6 course will help you understand the fundamental features and functions with Primavera P6 Professional.

Key features are learning how to manage projects to complete them on time and within budget, and within your organisation’s resource capacity.

Explore Project Management Fundamentals…

This course stresses post-scheduling, additional functionality in terms of constraining, grouping and sorting, resource and cost planning and base-lining the plan. At the end of each day is a fun, interactive, revision quiz.  At the end of the course, you’ll apply the concepts and functionality you learned in an end-of-course summary exercise.

Adding Constraints

Soft and Hard Constraints, Constraint Guidelines, Viewing Constraints in P6.

Project Related Documents

Creating Links to Project related documents and attaching the links to activities.  Launching the documents from within P6.

Grouping the Activities Window

Grouping the Project using Date Ranges, Activity Codes, Float Paths and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


Running exiting Filters and creating bespoke ones, Filter rules, running multiple Filters, Rolling-date Filters


The Role Data-table, viewing existing Roles and attributes, creating new Roles, Role limits and prices.


The Resource Data-table (Labour, Non-labour & Materials), viewing existing Resources and attributes, creating new Resources, Resource limits and prices.

Assigning Roles and Resources

Role and Resource Calculations, Assigning single or multiple Roles and Resources, Adding Expenses, Summary Tab to view overall activity Resource units, costs and dates.

Resource Allocation

Viewing Resource usage profiles for over-allocation, All vs Open projects, S-Distribution Curves, Time Period use vs over-all use, Viewing costs, Resource usage spreadsheets.

Optimising the plan

Taking Back-up copies – exporting, copy-paste,  fixing issues with negative float, resource over-allocation, exceeding the budget.

Baseline the plan

Creating a target of the project for analysis once the project begins, assigning the baseline, displaying baseline bars in the Gantt chart.

End of Course Summary Exercise

Unlike some other training companies, we provide this exercise and it has been quoted as “The best, and most important part of the course” by delegates.

Suggested Prerequisites…
  • Knowledge of project management principles
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