Private Cloud advantages

To optimise your use of the cloud, HPS can help you look at the cloud choices available. For some a so called “private cloud,” might be the right solution.

A private cloud can be implemented in various ways, including a hybrid cloud solution, enabling the IT/business decision makers to define the level of internal IT resources and support that will be allocated to the solution. A private cloud is a type of cloud in which physical or virtual servers are dedicated to a single enterprise customer. Private clouds deliver all of the benefits highlighted above, plus the advantages of enterprise level customisations that result in more successful deployments. Hybrid clouds are a type of private cloud configuration. Hybrid solutions enable a private cloud to access and integrate data from applications, services, or tools that are in servers at other locations.

If you are considering Cloud customisation, key areas need to be looked at carefully: for a start a highly successful PPM solution must be intuitive for its users.

This often means the solution must be integrated with industry- or function-specific PPM add-on applications. The second key is that the PPM solution must save users time. This often means that it must support back-end integration with on-premise systems so that users are not forced to enter data twice. This is typically where hybrid clouds are needed.

Third the system must provide useful information quickly. Whereas public clouds can only access databases through a relatively slow web protocol, Private Clouds provide the Full Business Intelligence capabilities of SQL Server and SharePoint Enterprise.

Finally key to PPM success is to meet a customer’s specific security requirements, standard clouds are limited in the security they can offer, private clouds can accommodate custom security requirements to completely comply with an organisation’s policies. If you would like to find out more about Cloud customisation then please contact HPS for a consultation.

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