Stansted Airport Project

Stansted Airport has heavily invested in expanding their capacity but in 2017 the queues have been worse than ever. Perhaps a more comprehensive Project Management programme could have prevented some of this? Getting the right Project Management programme in place is key to being able to bank the benefits of time and money spent on developing any business.

Thinking big is great as long as you have the tools to manage it. There is nothing wrong with the vision to grow Stansted airport to better serve the region. This would include attracting a wider range of airlines and new routes, particularly to the USA and Middle East. Indeed this kind of expansion is vital to sustaining the prosperity, jobs creation and developing real investment in the area.

So Stanstead’s plan to look at ways to make efficient use of the current single runway, develop and improve surface access links, as well as strengthen their community engagement programme is all good. Of course this has to be done alongside being mindful of the environmental impacts, ensuring there is some balance between growth and sustainability. But that doesn’t make it an easy project to manage.

A business like Stanstead Airport certainly has the investment to manage this kind of development and growth in customers. But to reap the benefits it has to be Project Manged with precision. Hyde Park Solutions offer the kind of complete bespoke Project Management programmes that can help even the most challenging of projects deliver on all fronts.

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