Successful executive and managerial reporting

Successful executive and managerial reporting for successful reporting it is vital to have a framework for translating your company’s business strategy into specific, actionable metrics. Reporting metrics is all important for monitoring your achievement of strategy. But prior to this it is vital to select the right investments to ensure you have a chance of attaining your strategic objectives.

This is in many cases is far more important than simply tracking or reporting on them. If you don’t have a tool to manage your portfolio of strategic investments how will you be able to report on them, balanced scorecard or not? HPS can help you get your strategic objectives in place and then offer a comprehensive reporting package.

In many cases this information will also need to be used to report to different audiences across executive reporting and managerial reporting. HPS can help you clarify your organization-wide strategies including your reporting strategy to help improve day-to-day decision-making through more relevant & accurate information that is available earlier.

The benefits are clear; more effective business decision-making, by providing accurate & relevant information, improved links between your business strategy and management reporting (be it executive reporting or managerial reporting). Resulting in forward-looking improved decision-making, and overall business steering through a better understanding of your business’ key reporting requirements and definition of a common set of standard management reports.

Increased information accuracy, timeliness and transparency through an integrated reporting platform and improved control over management reporting through the set-up of a common, organisation-wide reporting governance can only improve outcomes for your company. – reporting-and-balanced-scorecard.html



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