Taking your work on Holiday?

For much of the year we would not recommend taking work home as quality R&R is vital to productivity. But if you have been stressing about organising the family holiday it can always help to apply some of the principles of quality Project Management.

What could be simpler than going on holiday? But despite spending half the year looking forward to Sun-kissed beaches, dripping ice creams, and lazy evenings, the reality can end up causing lots of stress. Are the passports in date? Will the suitcases be the right weight? Even after you have arrived there are dilemmas. Which restaurant to eat in to satisfy everyone? Beach or pool?

So why not apply some simple project management steps to help you and your family have a stress free holiday? First define your objectives – what do you want? Time to relax with the kids or thrills and adventure? Then set your scope, how much money are you willing to spend or be flexible with? The costs on holiday can sometimes spiral out of control and cause stress. Plan yourself an itinerary imagine what you’ll be doing each day, it doesn’t have to be followed religiously, but a trip to a local beauty spot will mean a day away from the beach and will probably cost more.

Manage quality and make sure you are getting value for money. Don’t be afraid to complain if service is not up to standard. Finally make sure you take time to evaluate, make a note of what you liked and would do again. This will help next time you go to book your holiday. Learn from your mistakes and not only will you return refreshed and relaxed from the break, planning the next holiday will be a breeze.

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