Using the Cloud in Road Construction?

Building roads might seem like a low-margin business with an equally low entry point, get some equipment including a dumper truck, and go and look for work. But some of the best practitioners, like the Rogers Group based in Nashville, Tennessee, are running their state of the art roadway projects with Cloud based data-driven efficiency.

The Rogers Group is not changing the way it builds roads it is simply changing the way it uses the available cloud services to make sure all its information is bang up to date. They are a fine example of what the Harvard Business Review call, “digital business becoming business as usual”. Enabling businesses to use data efficiently is key to what HPS offer as part of their portfolio management.

Kim Lockhart, the applications development manager for the Rogers Group says, “the end goal is to complete every job within its estimated framework.” They do this by using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service which opens a new connection between the company’s ERP system and the people who make the jobs happen: the job foreman, the construction manager, and the estimator and the IT manager.

Oracle Cloud services offering opportunities for analysis of data at every step of the way. “This ability to plug any business functionality trapped in Oracle E-Business Suite into Oracle Mobile Cloud Service has given us a kind of a sky-is-the-limit view of how we can bring data to our business,” says Lockhart. “We anticipate reinventing our construction business technology by making everything that our people do to manage those jobs part of a mobile platform,” she adds.

This new way forward in mobile computing offers many businesses a future shaped by new ideas that use beacons, sensors, chatbots, and other smart device technology. HPS can help you apply this technology to your business using Oracle Cloud.

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